Peruvian Teak

  • Specie: Copaifera officinalis
  • Family: Fabaceae-Caesalpinioideae
  • Synonymy:: Copaifera jacquini Desf; Copaiba officinalis Adans. ; Copaiva officinalis Jacq.
  • Common Name in Peru: Copaiba
  • International Comercial Name: Copaiba


Color: The freshly cut trunk presents wood outer layers (sapwood) of a beige color and inner layers (heartwood) of a reddish brown color with dark veins, observing a great contrast in color between both layers. In air-dried wood, the sapwood becomes pinkish-white HUE 8/2 7.5YR and the heartwood yellowish red HUE 5/6 5YR, with dark oily streaks. (Munsell Soil Color Charts).

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