• Family: Fabaceae-Caesalpiniodeae
  • Synonymy: Apoleya leiocarpa (J. Vogel)
    Gleason; Apoleya molaris
    (Spruce ex Bentham) Gleason;
    Apuleia molaris Spruce ex Bentham;
    Apuleia proecox C. Martius; Leptolobium
    Leiocarpum J. Vogel
  • Common Names in Peru: Ana, Anacaspi
  • International Comercial Name: Grapia


Geographic Distribution: According to literature and herbarium reports, the species is found in the departments of Loreto, Madre de Dios and San Martín, between 0 and 1000 meters above sea level. The species exists in low quantities in the central Amazon and in medium quantities in the southern Amazon of Peru.

Tree: Reaches 30 metres or more in height. Cylindrical trunk; base with steep and thin fins; parasolate crown, slightly open over the upper third of the total height; sparse foliage, yellowish green at the upper end of the branches. The surface bark of the trunk is smooth to slightly granular; the dead bark peels off in large irregular slabs, like puzzle pieces, leaving traces in low relief on the surface of the trunk, where a cork film remains, which, when scraped, is yellowish green. Live bark of two layers; an external laminar, compact, pinkish color, with pale orange sectors and an internal laminar and fibrous, compact.

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